Public interior design Profile Image

Public interior design

Every restaurant, bar or cafe is going to be more expressive and memorable with original paintings. Elements of nature are the best fit for public place in the city.

Home interior design Profile Image

Home interior design

Printed illustration emphasis the individuality and style of interior. Picture can be applied either on walls or on furniture to make special atmosphere.

Stickers for Furniture Profile Image

Stickers for Furniture

Vector graphic allows the print of illustration on different kinds of surfaces : from cloth to different types of decorative materials. It saves bright colors and image quality just as you can see on the computer screen. Exclusive print makes every home more individual and complements style.


Case design Profile Image

Case design

Phone cases are well personlized with unique and individual design based on colorful pictures.  It  can be a wonderful gift for relatives and friends.

Dishes design Profile Image

Dishes design

 You can decorate room’s shelves with unique dishes and make each interior stylish and modern. Such plate  can be a souvenir and a subject to practical use.

Posters and covers Profile Image

Posters and covers

Poster is the most simple way to make room more individual. Well printed image in frame can decorate modern hause walls and shelves with books.


Tee prints Profile Image

Tee prints

Printed cloth is one of the most popular way of digital art usage. The picture can cover all the surface of the t-shirt, sweetseart or other cloth with the help of direct digital printing. Prints on cloth also can take limited area depending on printing method.

Printing on fabric Profile Image

Printing on fabric

Laptop case can be customized with multicolor  illusrtration as other types of accesories which made of fabric. 

Accesories' Design Profile Image

Accesories' Design

Bright ipad case protects devicу every day and serve as a catchy accessory. Planty of picture details will make gray days colorful.