Gdansk is a Polish city on the Baltic coast. It’s long history is full of important events, relevant to Europe and the world (boundary between West Slavic and Germanic lands,”Polish corridor”, the beginning of Second World War, Solidarity etc).

This project consists of the first photos I took the day after relocation.
Architecture of the city has German, Flemish-Dutch, Italian, French and Soviet influences. Parts of the historic old city of Gdańsk, which had suffered large-scale destruction during the war, was rebuilt during the 1950s and 1960s.
I used the photos with the most typical at first glance buildings and red colour of Gdansk flag. All photos are desaturated to show mainly silhouettes and to emphasise the lettering.

Motto “Nec Temere, Nec Timide» in the bottom completes the composition.
Poster from this project took part in the  7th Annual Poster Show and Auction «Visual Communication Design» at Arizona State University, 6 November 2014.