Flowers are Better

Illustrations from this project are available as prints and stickers.

During the last 100 years we have been creating and developing and improving different kinds of weapon for suppression and domination of people over others. The whole world had been twice embroiled in the massacres to satisfy a small group of people in the last century. We had been searching for reasons to hate each other (gender, age, nationality, language, origin, race, religion etc.) instead of acceptance of a difference.

Flowers in this project is a metaphorical object which generalises the beauty of our world. We spend time on the struggle for power, popularity and wealth instead of exploring the variety of nature and human civilisation.

Hands with flowers are coloured with warm tones that are associated with goodness and light in many cultures. As opposed to them hands that are stricken with weapon are painted with cold colours of death though their base is still filled with life.

One of the hands motions a gun. Its fingers are dead and show bones. At the same time the hand is full of life in an area covered with flower.