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My name is Maria. Born in Kaliningrad, I grew up in Kyiv where received Bachelors degree in art at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design. I’ve got experience in graphic and UX/UI design during studies at university and after graduating. Now I work as a visual designer in Gdańsk while also working on personal projects that you may see on this website.

Selected press publications: Huffington Post, Designboom, Buro 24/7 Ukraine, Juxtapoz, Designcollector.
Selected clients: MTV(USA), Mallow Apparel (Denmark), Tasmania University Union (Australia).
Exhibitions and events: 15-28.04.2015 — LemoArt Gallery, Berlin(group exhibition);
08.03.2016 — ‘Stopjectify’exhibition in Gallery Different, London (as a part of Cancan project);
2014, 2015 — Annual Poster Show and Auction «Visual Communication Design» in Arizona State University, USA.

All images, illustrations, photos and videos on this website are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved.You are allowed to publish my artworks in your blog,website and social networks, but add credits and link back to my page.You are not allowed to any commercial usage without permission.

It is mode of artistic expresion which uses a digital technology in the process of creation .

New methods and technologies allow to apple illustrations on different surfaces in any size and quantity.

This field of artistic activity allows to create images using watercolor, ink, oil, pastel, acrylic etc on numerous kinds of surfaces.

Artists from around the world developed this kind of art during centuries of human history.

A broad concept that includes creative and engineering component in all spheres of human activity.

Design is a roadmap and a strategic approach to achieve a unique expectation.